Cascade | Homarium


The Cascade is a square model with a capacity of +/- 50 kg lobsters.

Its dimensions 1000*1000*1350 mm (LxWxH) make this model highly suitable for storing large quantities of lobsters in a limited space. The Cascade comes with a second level with a divertable waterfall.

The sides are either single or double-glazed. Double glazed prevents condensation on the outside surface glass.

The ozone friendly cooling unit ensures correct water temperature, controlled by an electronic digital display thermostat which guarantees an optimal preservation of the displayed shellfish.

The Cascade is available in six different colours : black, burgundy, navy-blue, turquoise , grey and in beige.

The cabinet base can be supplied in a number of different formats, from basic to luxury...


Other shapes for “Wholesale”

Take care of your life system with an annual service.

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