Who we are? | Homarium

Who are we?

A little lesson in history...

An homarium is a life system for shellfish. The company “Homarium” was founded in 1975 in Belgium to build these life systems for shellfish. During the years, the name of the company has even become the common word for this life system in the leading “Van Dale” dictionary, comparable to  generic names lile “Bic” , “Jeep”, “Kodak”…

Due to a chilled and filtered, closed watercircuit, the animals are stored in optimal conditions in a fresh- or seawater environment.

In many restaurants, fishshops and supermarket, you will find a homarium.

On the continent it is even a common tradition to pick  the lobster of your choice out of the homarium tank !

Not only lobsters feel  'at home' in a homarium, also crab, langoustine, crayfish, crawfish, spiny lobster and rock lobster. Even fish as trout, eel, turbot can be held in a perfect condition in a homarium.

Present times...

Homarium has become market leader in the Benelux in life systems for shellfish. Long time specialization in construction and filter techniques has resulted in a stable and well-built system and adapted to the present trends in design.

The future...

Homarium wants to hold its gained leader position and will continue to innovate and specialize.
Hence, Homarium stays your trustworthy and stable partner for lifsystems for shellfish.

Take care of your life system with an annual service.

To make sure that your homarium life system continues to work in the most optimal way it needs a 'once a year' service.

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